A superior waxing system that originates from Australia. Lycon Precision Waxing delivers amazing results with up to 81% less pain and with longer lasting results. Lycon Hot Waxing system is used for all bikini, underarm and facial treatments and Lycon Active Gold strip wax is used on all legs waxes. Spoil yourself with Lycon Precision Waxing System, the ultimate waxing experience….

OUR TIP: Exfoliate before 24hrs each waxing treatment. Do not have any body lotion or deodorant on the area you are having waxed.

NOTE: a patch test is required 24hrs prior to waxing


Bikini line wax18

(a tidy up, removal of hair from outside the panty line)

Californian wax28

(extended bikini wax, suitable for high cut

G-String wax40

(very tight bikini wax including the bum)

Brazilian wax43

(leaving only a landing strip)

Hollywood wax55

(completely bare)

We offer a reduced rate of €30 on specialised waxing to clients who return for maintenance every 6 weeks. T&C apply.

Full leg wax39

Full leg wax & bikeini line42

Full leg wax & Californian wax53

Full leg wax & Brazilian65

Full leg wax & Hollywood75

Upper half leg wax31

Lower half leg wax23

Lower half leg & bikini wax36

Lower half leg wax & Californian wax47

Lower half leg wax & Brazilian wax52

Lower half leg wax & Hollywood wax59

Underarm wax18

Arm wax19

Abdomen wax15


Lip wax10

Chin wax10

Lip & chin wax18

Sides of Face18

Lip, chin & sides of face wax30

Lip, chin, & eyebrow wax26

Lip, chin, sides of face & eyebrow wax36